Tuesday, October 3, 2017

RIP Hugh Hefner

The passing of an icon. Hugh Hefner brought the female form to the pages of his magazine in tasteful pictures. He opened up the sexual revolution for better or worse.

I remember my first introduction to the magazine as a teenager was during a summer I spent with my uncle and aunt in Florida while my parents and rest of my siblings headed off to Wisconsin for the normal month long vacation to the farm. I had a prosperous lawn mowing business with ten clients that I mowed weekly. I could not take a month off from it so I choose to stay in Florida.

A little after I took up residence I found my uncles stash of Playboys. I'm not sure whether he had a subscription or if they were left overs from his gas station/convenience store. Almost forgot about the store. I would do inventory with my dad every month and I was never allowed to count the Playboys and other magazines that the store sold. Back to the topic. Playboy was a high class magazine. The pictures were never porn-ish  as some of the other magazines, like Hustler were. Playboy shot nice pictures of ladies in varying stage of undress and it was classy. Now I know this will sound insincere at best but I did actually read the articles as well. In fact I read a short story in Playboy one time that later turned into the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I liked the cartoons and the interviews of famous people each month as well. Hugh liked large natural breasts and I myself like the same. Did he sway me or was that my natural inclination, we may never know.

One last Playboy note was I had a Spanish teacher in high school that was a playmate. Now she was well past her prime and probably late fifties early sixties when she was my teacher but someone brought in the magazine one time and was showing it around next to their locker in case a teacher or administrator came by they could stash it in the locker and no one would be the wiser.

Thank you Hugh and hopefully there is a grotto in Heaven.  

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